I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life.

🌸I like to post pretty things 🌸

Too rad to function

Don’t know what’s going on???

Ugh don’t do this to me

Hahaha my dads meeting tucker soon hahahaa

I love it when guys show you how they feel😊


Relationship goal: a relationship

(via over-r8ted)

Literally can’t stop freaking out. I feel so sick.

I was tagged by darknesseatsrainbows

Name- Kylie
Birth place- Illinois
Currently live- , Illinois
Hair color- Blonde
Eye color- blue
Birthday- September 3rd
Gender- female
Lefty or righty- Lefty
Single or nahh- Might be taken here soon HES A CUTIE
Are you happy- Kinda
Are you in love- nah
Do you believe in love at first sight- No
Who ended your last relationship- Haha well me
Have you ever broken someone’s heart- Yeahh
Are you afraid of commitments- Terribly afraid tbh
Have you hugged anyone in the last week- Yea quite a few actually
Have you ever had a secret admirer- yeahhhh hahaha
Have you ever broken your own heart- probably
Do you usually spend valentines day alone- Yeahhh hahah
Short or long term relationships- I prefer long term but that terrifies me BC I screw things up
Love or lust- love
Lemonade or ice tea- Tea
Cats or dogs- dogs
A few best friends or many regular friends- Few best friends
TV or internet- internet
Pespi or Coke- pepsi 
Wild night out or romantic night in- wild night out
Text or call- text 
Make up or natural- Whatever makes me feel comfortable with myself
Been caught sneaking out- nope
Falling up /down stairs.- yep
Wanted someone/something so bad it hurts- yess
Prank called a store- HAHA i don’t remember who all i’ve prank called
Skipped school- yasss
Wanted to disappear- most of the time lol
Spent all your money- yep
Met a celebrity- nah
Smile or eyes- Both
Light or dark hair- Either
Short or taller? Taller
Hookup or relationship- relationship
Funny and poor or rich and serious? Funny and poor 
Mac or pc- Mac 
ChapStick or lipstick- chapstick
City or country- country
Driving or walking- either
Last phone call- Lucas
Last song I listened to- Anaconda
Last thing I ate- I don’t remember tbh
Last thing I drank- Pepsi
Last place I was- With Abba Abba (:
Last kiss- idk
Last picture taken-

Last outfit- shorts and a tshirt
Last purchase- I bought myself and Abigail a drink

I tag- stressedandunimpress3d tac0-s0up lyssey (random besides tai bc Alayna already tagged me obvi)

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